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Museums in Patiala

Patiala is a place of great historical importance and significance. A land of kings and warriors, it has a rich and proud history that speaks of the great conquests and battles of yesteryears. It is the history of these kings and the legacy left by them for future generations that has resulted in the opening of some of the most renowned museums in Patiala.

These museums are a mirror that reflect the glory of the years gone by and provide an opportunity to experience the grandeur and magnificence of those days.
There are two main museums in Patiala that can be talked about and are worth mentioning. These are The Sheesh Mahal Museum, Darbar Hall Museum in Qila Mubarak also known as the Armour and Chandeliers Museum. The museums are fine examples of great past of Patiala.

Sheesh Mahal Museum in Patiala

Sheesh Mahal, as the name suggests means the Palace of Glasses. It was built in the 17th century by Maharaja Narendra Singh. As is widely known, it was the Maharajas intense interest in fine arts literature and music that led the Maharaja to build this wonderful museum.

Details of the Museum

Sheesh Mahal Museum of PatialaThe museum draws inspiration from the Shalimar Garden of Lahore. The fountains terraces and beautiful collection of flowers make one remember the Shalimar Garden.

One of the major attractions of the museum is the Laxman Jhoola. The visitors make a beeline for the Laxman Jhoola which is a suspension bridge constructed over a beautiful tank.

The beauty of the museum is a labour of efforts of a number of artists hailing from Rajasthan and Kangra. These artists brought to life the poetry of famous poets like Keshav Das, Surdas and Bihari with their paintings. A special room was built by the Maharaja where the skills of the artist have been displayed in convex and coloured mirrors.

Location of  Museum

The museum is very accessible and is situated in old Moti Bagh. It is very conveniently located just 5 Kms from the Patiala Railway Station and Patiala Bus Stand.

Darbar Hall Museum in Patiala (Armour and Chandeliers Museum)

Armour and Chandelier Museum

The Darbar Hall is a part of the renowned Qila Mubarak. Initially, it was used to hold meetings (Darbars) during the old times. But the Darbar Hall has now been converted into a museum and one can find rare collection of arms and armours, paintings and chandeliers. The museum is famously known as the Armour and Chandeliers Museum.  The museum is full of crystal furniture and other items that were bought by Maharaja Karam Singh. One can also find fine pieces of European art that were collected by Maharaja Karam Singh on his visits to Europe.

Main attractions of Armour and Chandeliers Museum

As the famous name suggests, the museum is famous for its collection of weapons, armour and chandeliers. Visitors can find rare and antique collection of weapons and armour in the museum that belong to great rulers and religious figures. The most famous pieces of weapons are Guru Gobind Singhji’s dagger and the sword used by Nadir Shah. Apart from this various other swords, cannons
and shields belonging to different era can be seen. One can feel himself to be a part of History in the museum.

Beautiful and fine chandeliers brought from as far as Europe and other parts of the world also take a place of pride in the museum. Portraits of Royalty of Patiala and British Royalty also adorn the wall of the museum.

Address: Patiala, Punjab, Adalat Bazar,
Patiala, Punjab 147001

If you want to take a walk down the memory lane and want to be transported to the great times of rich history, royalty and grandeur, visiting the museums of Patiala should be on your list of priorities. The great museums remind one of the glorious past of Patiala and assure one that the rich history will forever be alive in these safe places.

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