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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Patiala

Punjab has a handsome number of wildlife sanctuaries and quite a few of them are situated in Patiala District. Wildlife sanctuaries are protected areas that prove to be very helpful in protecting the flora and fauna of a particular forest region. Many endangered species of animals can be saved by declaring protected areas for them so that they can be saved from rampant hunting that poachers engage in to earn some quick money.

Wildlife Sanctuary (Source:https://travelrsguru.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/chail-wildlife-sanctuary-shimla/)

Patiala has been a land of Royalties and Kings and a lot of forests can be found in the district which was hunting places for the Kings during their reign. There are around six wildlife sanctuaries in and around Patiala. These sanctuaries also provide great opportunity to promote tourism as these areas attract many enthusiasts who like to see nature in its wild and natural form. Governments are also increasingly promoting wildlife sanctuaries as major attractions of their respective States. Some of the sanctuaries in Patiala are:

Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary in Patiala

Situated in the Bir area it is a yh attac wildlife sanctuary as per the Preservation of Fauna of Patiala Act, 1896. It was a popular hunting ground for the Kings of Patiala and has history attached to it. Of late, it is a significant and popular place where tourists throng in great numbers to have a firsthand experience of wildlife. Spread in a total area of 654 hectares, it is situated in the southern part of Patiala District. It is just 5 kms from the city on the Patiala-Dakala road.

Animals and Flora in Bir Moti Bagh

Bir moti Bagh has is delightful in terms of the wide variety of animals and plants that can be found here. Visitors can find animals like deer, monkeys and boar roaming around in the wild. Some animals and birds found in Bir Motibagh are Hog Deer, Jackal, Chital, Black Buck, Rhesus Monkeys, Blue Bell and grey and black partridges. Apart from these variety of animals, flora as diverse as toot, mesquite, kikar, sheesham, neem, mango, teak, eucalyptus and many more can be found.

Accessibility to Bir Moti Bagh

The Bir Moti Bagh is very easily accessible and is only 5 kms from Patiala city. It is conveniently located at a distance of 6.2 kms from Patiala Railway Station and 6 kms from the Bus Stand. The sanctuary is close to Moti Bagh Palce and Bhupindra International School on Dakla Road. Chandigarh is also not very far away and the Chandigarh Airport lies 63 kms away from the sanctuary.

Bir Bhunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary in Patiala

Another important wildlife sanctuary close to the city of Patiala, this was also declared as a wildlife sanctuary under the Preservation of Faunae of Patiala Rules, 1896. Situated on the Patiala-Devigarh Road, it is 15 kms away from the city and is spread over a huge area of 662 hectares. One of the distinct features of the sanctuary is the thick plantaion of Shisham and Kikar trees in and around the sanctuary that helps the wild animals in habitation.

Activities to be Engaged in Bir Bhunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is a literal delight for nature lovers and photographers who want to capture nature and wildlife. With various species of birds and animals around the sanctuary, a photographer has lots of options to capture amazing shots in the sanctuary.

Accessibility to Bir Bhunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary

Bir Bhunerheri is easily accessible once you reach Patiala city. As it is, Patiala is easily accessible from all parts of the country, the nearest airport being the Chandigarh Airport. The sanctuary is 15 kms away from Patiala city and can be reached by any local mode of transport such as taxi, auto or PRTC buses.

Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary in Patiala

This wildlife sanctuary is one of the largest secured wildlife sanctuaries in Punjab. The sanctuary is spread over a huge area of 1022 hectares. It falls in the district of Patiala, in the Nabha-Bhadson-Amloh street of Nabha. It got the status of ensured backwoods by initial notification in 1952.
Animals in the Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary
Animals such as Jackal, Blue Bull, Peafowl, Jungle Cat, Grey Pratidge, Rose Ringed Parakeet, Spotted Owlet, are the inhabitants of this sanctuary.

Accessibility to Bir Bhadson Sanctuary

The sanctuary is easily accessible and is 88kms from Chandigarh Runway. The nearest Railway Station is Nabha Railway Station which is 21 kms from the spot. One can make use of Patiala Transport vehicles that is just around 30kms from the sanctuary. Best option to reach would be to hire personal taxi or vehicle.

Bir Dosanjh Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is spread in a total area of 517 hectares. It is situated on the Nabha to Jorepul Raod of Nabha Town. The flora found in this sanctuary is particularly pleasing. The Sirhind Canal works as a major source of water apart from the natural rainfalls. One can find Sheesham, Phalahai, Keekar, Beri etc in this sanctuary.

Accessibility to Bir Dosanjh Wildlife Sanctuary

The nearest Railway Station is Nabha Railway Station which is 3 kms from the sanctuary. The transport stand is 27 kms away from the sanctuary. The Punjab Road Transportation is a good conveyance option.

Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary in Patiala

It is one of the important sanctuaries in Patiala District where various aerial and land animals can be found. This sanctuary is home to some of the endangered species of animals as well. It was declared a sanctuary in 2003.

Animals in the Bir Gurdialpur Sanctuary

Variety of animals such as jungle cat, hare, peafowl, jackal etc can be fund here. But the uniqueness of the sanctuary lies in the endangered species of animals that can be found here. Some endangered species here include pangolin, otter, python and river dolphin.

Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a comparatively smaller wildlife sanctuary than the other sanctuaries in Patiala. It occupies a total area of 123 acres. It is also known as the Bir Mehaswala Wildlife Sanctuary. Located on the Nabha-Malerkotla Road it is a good visiting option for anybody visiting Patiala.

Patiala has been an ecological delight and there were a number of forests in the region. Realizing the importance and need of converting these forests to protected sanctuaries, the Punjab Government has played its part and made these places safe for their natural inhabitants.

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